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A No B.S. Masterclass to Deciding Which Business Model Is Best For You
you have questions about how to pivot your single or hourly offers into a full-blown agency or consulting firm.

So I wanted to give you a guide that walks you through the basics:
✅What these offers are 
✅How they are structured
✅How they are priced
✅How they can be combined in a hybrid model

Agency vs Consulting Masterclass

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Strategic High Level Business & Operations Consulting
for Start Ups to Midsize Companies.
I care about helping small businesses create defined, productive, & people-centered business operations!

A quick overview of my experience:

Operations Strategy:
✅ Assessing current business operations plan through collaborative consulting and using SWOT analysis to figure out current standing.

✅ Creating Standard Operating Procedures to define & refine duties for teams

✅ Creating Improved business operations strategy and mapping out workflows in Whimsical, Lucidchart

✅ Creating clearly defined client and customer journeys to improve sales, client experience, and retention.

✅ Creating clearly defined team roles & responsibilities for better delegation & improved productivity. 

I've taken a 100 members administrative team from unclear operational processes, conflicting job duties, no accountability, poor customer service to clearly defined job roles and business processes, improved customer service & buy-in from the CEO after seeing how the administrative team impacts their bottom line.

 By helping you clearly define your customer journey & how the team plays a role within this journey. We can restructure your processes and procedures & help you build leadership & accountability amongst your team.

Business Planning & Development

✅ Strategizing your business model & offers 
✅Pricing and monetization strategy
✅ Performing Competitive research to gather data for how you stand out in the market to help you position your service or product better.
✅ Initial Marketing & Lead GenerationStrategy

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Major Kudos

 I was able to niche and properly target my audience. Bringing Brand Awareness with impending financial gains as I grow in comfort.

- Shakina Arthurs

I really felt like this program was great and I honestly felt like I had everything I needed. I felt supported and had access to everything I needed the entire time.

- Hilary Jenkins, Women Techies Foundations

Working with Ericka has been a dream. She replies super fast to out questions, she gives us constructive feedback that really helps especially if you're new to this space

- Reg D.

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