The course giving you access to all of the exclusive strategies, tools, and structures you can use to become a confident Tech pro


Confidently Learn Tech Skills 

Step by step guide to

Would you believe me if I said that getting started in the tech niche is a lot simpler than what everyone makes it?

It does not require you to sift through thousands of Google search pages, YouTube videos, or Facebook posts to just learn how to get started.

Getting Started In Tech Shouldn't Be A Mystery:

= Confidently Selling High Ticket Tech Services

1 Strategic Learning Plan 

 Solid Tech Strategy Skills 

Solid Tech Tool Knowledge 

1 Greatly Structured & Priced Tech Offer

Well, What Does It Take Ericka?

This program has been designed to give you the true playbook to becoming a confident Tech Pro.

I walk you through every step of the process inside Women Techies Foundations™️

Help you gain clarity

Help you quickly apply the information you learn

Mimic Real Client Situations

You'll be able to do this through the Confident Tech Pro Case Studies & Exercises ™️
These exercises:

You will come in, learn, and then look for high-ticket clients within a few weeks.

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To help you have a clear but concise way to learn and develop your tech skills so you can gain confidence

The main goal of this course is: 

The answer? learning Tech Builds & Consulting through

Case Study & Implementation Exercises 

Creating a Scalable offer

 Pricing it well.

We are going to help you shorten the way & the time that you have to learn these skills. 

to feel confident

But you need to build you a toolbox full of skillsthat you can pull from when you need

without you having to rely on copying people to meet your business goals.

You may think you need to spend hours upon hours watching YouTube videos to learn these skills 

But if you joined today, you can have a proven learning strategy to start on by next week if you wanted.

I want you to grow the Consulting and Agency business of your dreams. 

I want you to have a life full of freedom and flexibility. 

In order to make this happen,

You have to realize that it's okay to have support. It's okay to invest time in learning. 

 It's okay to be different and innovative in how you run your Tech Pro business.

Community Sucess Stories

Kayla Boyd

Bali Azar,Dubsado pro & Kartra Specialist

 I love how detailed each section of tech this program goes into,
so we can easily add all the services to our niche.

And the training videos are very detailed and in-depth which is great. "

Get inside Women Techies Foundations™️
 So you can have the foundational skills in place to feel more CONFIDENT with your business and bank account.

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This is where you will learn how to identify what a system, process, and procedure are & why it's the building block of business operations.

Module 1: Tech Foundations

The videos for you to watch instead of youtube:

Start your dream tech pro business today

✅ Lesson 1: System v. Business Tool

✅ Lesson 2: System

✅ Lesson 3: Processes

✅ Lesson 4: Procedure

Module 3: Project Management Software

This is where you will learn all about project management software, what businesses use it for, what qualifies as good project management software.

✅ Lesson 1: Process for Project Management Software

✅ Lesson 2: Project Management Software Use

✅ Lesson 3: Criteria for Good Project Management Software

✅ Lesson 4: Asana

✅ Lesson 5: Click Up

✅ Lesson 1: Lead Gen/Sales

✅ Lesson 2: Client Onboarding

✅ Lesson 3: Client Management

✅ Lesson 4: Client Offboarding

This is where you will learn to identify what the main processes in business are that you will help your clients streamline 

Module 2: Key Processes

Module 4: Client Relationship Management Software

This is where you will learn all about client relationship management software, what businesses use it for, what qualifies as a client relationship management software.

✅ Lesson 1: Process for Client Relationship Management Software

✅ Lesson 2: CRM Software Use

✅ Lesson 3: Criteria for Good Client Relationship Management Software

✅ Lesson 4: Dubsado

✅ Lesson 5: Honeybook

Module 5: Course Software

This is where you identify what your initial tech offer is, what you can grow into, and what other offer types are. 

This is where you will learn all about course software, what businesses use it for, what qualifies as course software.

✅ Lesson 1: Differences between Course Marketplaces & Course Software

✅ Lesson 2: Process for Course Software

✅ Lesson 3: Course Software Use

✅ Lesson 4: Criteria for Good Course Software

✅ Lesson 5: Kajabi

✅ Lesson 6: Kartra

Module 6: Tech Offers

✅ Lesson 1: What a Tech Offer Is and Isn't 

✅ Lesson 2: Common Core Tech Offers

✅ Lesson 3: Tech Niches

✅ Lesson 4: Pricing 

Module 7: Techxtra's

This is where all the juicy bonus information is to take your new tech career to the next level

✅ Lesson 1: Tech for Email Marketing
✅ Lesson 2: Why You Need To Know Zapier
✅ Lesson 3: Common Tech Client Issues & How to Deal with Them
✅ Lesson 4: Best Practices as a Tech Pro Online

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Women Techies foundations is the life changing first step toward your future 

Ericka Ige is a Business Coach to that is revolutionizing how service providers start and grow their businesses online.

I’ve helped 20+ service pros confidently niche their businesses into tech.  

And we're just getting started.

Two years ago I was in your shoes. Working as a VA but craving more.

I've been able to go from working with clients for $15/hr to signing a $22k corporate consulting client!

I had no blueprint to follow. There was no course to give me the answers I  needed.


ERICKA IGE is a business coach to highly driven DONE FOR YOU SERVICE PROVIDERS 

Meet your Tech Mentor & new biz coach!

Service Pros or Ex Corporate Tech Peeps that want a way to easily learn how to offer tech support to small businesses.

  I wanted to know the ins and the outs. The bad and the good. 

Women Techies Foundations was born out of feeling like there was a gap missing in this industry in terms of training.


If you eventually want to have these things you can aim for that after you sign clients and start making income.


This course is different than everything else out there because...

I created this course for people like me

Set Up Your Business To Target Clients Offline

Solidifying Your Tech Strategy & Tool Knowledge

 Mindset & Alignment

Once you join, you'll get help with:

You will receive instant access to a portal of content to get going, along with an invitation to join our live community and monthly live Hot coaching calls.

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It's important for you to have a knowledge foundation to pull from when you're working with tech clients. This course will help you develop that base so you can remain confident about how to handle tricky client situations. 

In order to feel confident about your business, you need to be real with yourself about who you are, how you desire your life to be, and how this business fits in with that.  

Creating an Offer Built For Growth & High Ticket Sales

I'm teaching you the top two ways to offer tech service. Both offers can be scaled into either an agency business model or consulting. You just have to build your foundational raving fan base to stay booked consistently.

There are so many clients outside of the small business online space that need your skills.
This course + the community will give you the foundation you need to be able to go after them. 

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